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Glenn Martens Goes With The Flaw

Oliver’s unforgettable take on a traditional textile of Americana attire that had originally built up the brand, denim, delivered what Oliver does best— having brought us, over and over, outspoken attire infused with activism and anger, with a current aesthetic that is completely unafraid to cross any and all boundaries. 


Having been an absolutely appropriate testiment to the project entire statement— it seemed impossible its second iteration could come close. At long last, the brand has launched the new line— lead by Y/Project’s Glenn Martens. And we’ll attest— as you will soon, in seeing the images below— Glenn Martens gets it. 



Shifting from one core concept that the brand has built itself upon, that being denim, Martens has chosen to approach another, Diesel’s longstanding tagline “Go With The Flaw”, a slogan we’ll all remember from their famed campaigns featuring a cast who fell wonderfully outside of fashion’s old-school aesthetic standards. Martens’ collection has taken this further— an appropriate move given the industry having modernized quite a bit* when it comes to countering -isms in casting— and put forth a physical fabrication of flaws. Now, there’s no doubt in our minds the third project drop is one to put on the calendar. Check it out below.




“This collection is based on Diesel’s slogans, particularly ‘Go With The Flaw.’ I thought this was quite strong and recognizable,” says Martens of his capsule. “You need to embrace the mistake and own it—operate each piece in your own way, to make it work for you. The pieces are inspired by wardrobe basics, but there are conscious pattern manipulations, such as the hemline or waistband of a jacket being seven sizes smaller than the actual garment. The seams are also buttoned, so you have to keep the sides open to fit the garment. In a way, the collection is actually then both size-free and genderless.”


Each collection under the Red Tag Project will be distributed and curated by Tomorrow London Ltd., the fashion platform that consults for cutting-edge brands on a unique variety of services. 

The collection will launch November 2018.


  • Photos courtesy of Diesel


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