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Go binge watch some amazing films at The Standard

Olko and Moselle have been friends since college, and they’ve previously collaborated on films for Olko’s clothing lines. “We both just love movies and constantly talked about doing something all the time,” she told me. “And around the time of Sundance, we had been talking about doing something that was a film series related to directors that had maybe shown at Sundance or featured films, and then it expanded to talking about more and more movies that we loved. We typically share films with each other that we’re fans of, so we thought that maybe we should just do something surrounding films that we love and want to share with other people.”


“Also, to be able to do a Q&A with someone who wrote, directed, produced, or was an actor in the film is just an added bonus,” Olko continued. “You really learn from the experience, and it also makes the viewing more exciting. Everyone can ask questions. And it’s cool get the back story of how someone got involved in a project. It’s kind of like free school.”

“I’m the type of person where I always like to create a community with whatever I’m doing, and the original idea was for us to gather our friends together to watch movies,” said Moselle. “We love movies. It’s cool because in our community there are quite a few people who have had some really great films in the last few years, and there’s kind of just a bond between all of these filmmakers.”


All of the profits from Binge Watch (tickets cost an extremely reasonable $7) will go to Ghetto Film School, a non-profit based in the Bronx and LA’s MacArthur Park that’s dedicated to nurturing a new generation of diverse filmmakers. “The Wolfpack did a little presentation for the kids at Ghetto Film School, and I’m constantly connected to them through the film community,” said Moselle. “They’ve been very successful at helping kids and creating inspiration, and it’s very in tune with the idea of this day. It’s like, let’s all come together and bond over film. We’re just getting a bunch of cinephiles together.”


Binge Watch is, at the end of the day, all about community. “It’s such a therapeutic experience to watch a film with a group of people, and sometimes you understand a film in a different way when you’re watching it with your friends or some kind of community,” said Moselle. “Seeing Heaven Knows What or The Fits in a theater is a completely different experience then seeing it at home on your laptop in bed. We wanted to give people that opportunity to experience these films the way the filmmaker wanted them to experience it.”


Binge Watch kicks off on April 8th at noon at The Standard, High Line, with screenings running until 6:15. Tickets are available here.






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