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GOALS by Alessandro Simonetti

Founded in 2016 by Etienne Vergier and Matteo Verzini as means of expression, 1991 is a publishing collective inspired by photocopy and DIY print. Offering limited edition publications, 1991 draws inspiration from those within its own circle, as collaborators, influencers and their offerings. New York-based photographer Alessandro Simonetti represents a genre derived from punk, hardcore, hip-hop, and niche cultures, all of which have been witness by the photographer throughout his life.



The subject is so mundane, and subtle, yet aesthetically the images feel intensely… emotional, and sensory, in a slightly scary way. How do you think that this is representative of your practice in photography overall? Your subjects seem to be very different with each project, but somehow stick to one signature style.


I see a constant dark line in my work and, as much as composed and seriatic it could be perceived, that irrational back taste its something that became a constant that I reach trough the choice of my subjects or trough the medium; as in this series that I specifically shot at night with a raw flash in order to get a bright contrasty shape on black.


Do you feel like your statement with this series is coming from a personal standpoint, or offering more of a social message? Or, I guess, is it left up to the viewer?


Those damaged yet completely broken goals struck at me first for their still, stable, and absurd shapes and texture. What I saw had a strong component of sculpture and graphic design elements. I never apply deep, hidden meaning in my photographs; GOALS is a casual, raw study of shape. But I see how those lines could lead the viewer to a “punctum” driven thought and feelings. In those, I see arrows, pyramids, swastikas, spider nets...


What is your dog’s name? 


Cleo as short way for Cleopatra, she’s a rescue red nose pit, mixed with a sort of Egyptian dog’s genes. We found her in Central Park tied to a dumpster. Its been a great personal training experience teaching a damaged soul how to behave properly.. I Love her, she witnessed the whole process since I go in the east river park everyday twice per day with her.



What was it that made you decide to capture this thing you were encountering in your daily experience, in a professional context?


I constantly look for stuff happening or to encounter something that click in my head.. Goals started as a random thing that evolved in a series of hundred photographs, was a good subject to print.

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