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Gosha Rubchinskiy Fall/Winter 2017

The location, while certainly unique, wasn't exactly convenient. It's also, in terms of geopolitics, both a thoughtful choice and one that inspires a little head scratching.


“I chose Kaliningrad out of respect for Adidas," Rubchinskiy told Business of Fashion. "In Russia and the USSR, sports teams always wear Adidas uniforms, so historically the brand means something for Russian people. Kaliningrad used to be German before the end of World War II and they still have some amazing German buildings — including some of the oldest football stadiums — and I thought it was a perfect place to present a collaboration between a Russian brand and German brand, because this place has the spirit of both.” In addition to adidas, the designer also partnered with legendary British milliner Stephen Jones on headpieces, making for a truly international collection.


Rubchinskiy's work this season is fascinating. As BOF noted, the collection combines ideas of both nationalism and globalism at a time when both concepts are more polarizing than ever. It’ll also look really good on the football pitch. Scroll through below for all the looks.


Images courtesy of Gosha Rubchinskiy


Text by Jocelyn Silver

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