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Great Women Artists

Great Women Artists has already stirred up conversation and collaboration, including at a panel headed by artists Ghada Amer, Sharon Hayes, Deana Lawson, and Martha Rosler. Plus Kering and Phaidon are circulating a portfolio of limited edition prints by Cecily Brown, Lubaina Himid, Bharti Kher, Catherine Opie, Jenny Saville, and Dana Schutz, among others, to fundraise for charities like The, uh, Boyhood Campaign and Promundo, which is, well, a Brazillian group that works with men and boys in order to “set an example for boys to become equitable and connected men.” We will be on the lookout for the publishers’ next book, circa 2520, on women having to educate men. Until then, we will continue to enjoy Great Women Artists.

Ella Littwitz
Beth Collar
Kristi Giambattista

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