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To start, could you tell me a bit about yourself and your work?


I am 23 years old, born and raised in the southern part of Denmark. My mom has Polish roots, therefore the Polish last name. I moved to Copenhagen three years ago, and it was mainly here that I learned to take myself seriously as a creative human being. My work relies a lot on my restlessness - when I have a day off from my 9-5 job, I tend to get restless, and it’s often then that I get creative.


My work is based on things and materials I have, where I am in the “now.” If I get an idea, I use things I have in my home, for example. It’s not very common that I shop for materials. Lately, I’ve been working on some bigger things - I want to get better at painting or using clay as a material. I have written a lot of sculptures down that I want to make in the future. Until now, I have only been using my body and materials around me. I would describe my work so far as conceptual and self-based.


How would you describe your personal style?


Until now, I have been working a lot in the feminist-wave. I don’t even describe myself as a feminist, I just found it very inspiring that people were so passionate about feminism. I love to push boundaries and make people think in a way they haven’t felt about a certain taboo, for example. I want to keep doing this, but in another way where I really find my own materials and style. Sometimes, it’s too easy to just make these selfies with weird items.


Actually, now I am confused if you mean my creative style or my clothing style, so I’ll tell you about both. I dress very boyishly at the moment. But also playfully, there’s always a detail that sticks out in the outfit. I’m very much into big boots, Eytys jeans and big blazers at the moment. And all 90s high-end! I bought these Prada trainers recently, and paired them up with a full denim Evisu set, which was amazing!


How did you begin your career in modeling and beauty? What is your opinion on the industry?


I started in my hometown. A couple of boys from my ex-boyfriend’s friend group had started this website where they sold vintage clothing, and they asked me to model for them. After a couple of months with this, I moved to Copenhagen. My ex-boyfriend told me I could try to get into an agency, and a couple weeks later a Norwegian agency contacted me. But that wasn’t really the agency for me, so I quit pretty quickly. There was a long period during which I just did freelance stuff, and travelled a bit with it. Then I did an interview with a Danish music magazine which is pretty big. In the interview, I said I didn’t really want to be a model in the normal form because I think you get treated like shit, but then this other big Danish agency called and I signed a few days later.


How would you describe the relationship between your body and your art?


My body is my material in almost all of my work. If I don’t have other materials nearby, I use my body to express myself in an artistic way.


When did you first start body painting? What are your favorite colors and tones to play around with?


I started pretty recently. I went to a photoshoot in November of 2018, where they painted me and I realized it was another way to use my body in my work. Until recently, I have not been using paint in my works.


How strong of an impact does social media have in your daily life and work?


It depends a lot on what kind of week I have. Some weeks, I have a lot of spare time in between work, and I use social media to work more with my own art. But some weeks I work more than full-time and have a lot of plans with my friends and boyfriend, for example. But I use Instagram almost on a daily basis.


Do you believe that social media, like Instagram, could and should curate culture?


I’m actually not sure about this. I feel like I would say yes, but also there’s a lot of bad shit still on Instagram and other social media sites. But sure, we have come a long way, so I won’t say no, but I won’t say yes, either.


In another life, what would your dream occupation be (putting aside salary and paying for rent, of course)?


Driving around in an old Alfa Romeo in Southern Europe, taking care of my kids and painting shitty paintings and selling them for ridiculous prices.


Looking at your Instagram, is it safe to say that Chanel is your favorite brand?


Actually no, it’s Prada.


If you could cancel any beauty trend for good, which would it be?


Contouring! I never wear makeup and I think it’s such a shame to edit your features to have an “ideal” face.


What is on the horizon for Louise Cehofski? Are you currently dreaming up any projects?


I’m going to start art school later this year, hopefully. I have a photo book coming out with a friend, and a lot of things I’m not sure about yet.

My work relies a lot on my restlessness.

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