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Hard Love

If baby boomer’s gave us the nuclear family and Lil Wayne taught us how to love, then Hardeman is gifting us with a collection for the counter-public of lovers fully embracing their intimacies, warts and all. Picture something like an urban cowboy rocking acid-washed denim and a bouquet of roses while exposing the falsehoods of the American dream. With models blowing smoke clouds in red fur trim denim, the campaign, shot by Diane Campclaude, is Hardeman’s “brutal rejection” of comfortable norms and a personal invitation into the “obscene events that love occludes.”


Sticking to the Dutch designer’s unorthodox style, the collection, which is titled Hard Love, obviously, will not be presented in a show like last season's presentation at NYFW. Instead, Hardeman will debut a series of performances around the globe, with the first taking place in LA on March 30.


Find love with Hardeman, and view the campaign below.

Find out more about the brand and upcoming presentations here.

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