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Hardeman Fall/Winter 2018

Working with Sophie before, I can attest to her clear visions and passion for her craft. She creates looks with a clear narrative and presents them in a way that gives opportunity for observers to engage and enjoy. So she’s always been one to push the limits on a material we all know too well that most claim is ‘dead.’ But how can denim be dead at the hands of a fun-loving, (very) energetic spirit that lights up an entire room? We find it important you see her Fall/Winter 2018 collection and get to know the creative mind - or force, rather - behind Hardeman.



Where are you from?



What was your very first design?

I sewed my whole button collection to a T-shirt. It was the worst. I wore it everyday and it got stuck on everything.


And how was Hardeman born?

I graduated frm The Gerrit Rietveld in Amsterdam with a denim collection, which Vfiles then picked up exactly 2 years ago.


Why denim?

Denim is unbiased. Everyone can relate. It’s not pretentious.


How are you making denim new again?

By turning it upside down.


You seem pretty invested in American culture.

Yes, true.


How are you inspired by American culture?

I lived in georgia for a bit, and growing up in conservative America made me see at young age that there is all kinds of social constructions. America represents the history of denim and all its revolutions.


And what do you pull from your culture in The Netherlands?

Dutch people are very down to earth. They wear lots of denim and bike everywhere.



How do you usually come up with a concept for a show? Where is your happy place?

24 hour diners.


You are so full of energy. You literally tackled me out of excitement when I arrived to your presentation. Where does it come from?

ADHD, and a lot of dedication and love in my body.


What’s something quirky that not everyone knows about you?

I heavily bite my nails and I used to be heavily involved in Greenpeace.


Have any weird talents?

I’m a dog whisperer.


You can dress anyone in full Hardeman for a special occasion. Who is it?

Arnold Schwarzenegger


You most often display your collections in presentation with vivid narratives and model interaction. Why?

Because in real life, we don’t want to walk runways. We riot, we are humble, we squat, we dance. You should be able to see that and enjoy it close by.


How do you go about casting for your show? Who do you look for?

We take time to meet lots of people and friends. It’s the best time.


Is Hardeman a progression of a story, or a new story each time?

Definitely a reality show with ever accumulating episodes.

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