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Harlem Shake

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One beauty stigma that you think our generation has the power to change. 


Having no set beauty standard at all. As cliche as it is, we can all be beautiful in our own right and in different ways. Appearance should never determine ones beauty or level of attractiveness.


If you could teleport to any time period and place, where would you go and why? 


Easy, any time in the 2000s, more specifically 2008-2009. I learned a lot my interests and who I was as a person because at that time everything seemed to be on the surface so you really had to do some deep researching if you genuinely wanted to educate yourself about certain subjects. Also, urban and pop-culture was in its prime.


Create a one-sentence story that perfectly encapsulates the ethos of Harlem. 


Harlem is the heart and soul of uniqueness. 

Day-to-day beauty regimen? 


My daily regimen is simple: condition my hair, wash my face, and pray! 


A memory that instantly makes you smile? 


When Kevin Durant came to play basketball in my neighborhood. 


The most beautiful facial feature?


There isn't one to me-the face is a beauty in itself, kind of like the sum of its parts. It can't be a face without any of them.

What would be the title of your quarter-life biography?


Smarter Than I Look.


One unusual beauty trick that works like a charm? 


Using vaseline on my face. 


Tell us a secret. 


I'm a basketball nerd. 

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