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Hello, Bye Bye

There was little drama before the show as everyone worked together smoothly—even a model losing her phone shortly before the show was handled with Olivia Pope-level efficiency.


As editors and fashion fans filed into to the space, we snuck down into the audience for a full view of the collection titled 'Bye Bye,' a range of colorful pieces that perfectly showcase the label’s collaborative creativity. As part of an effort to become more sustainable (something office is also trying by eliminating all plastic from our sets and workspaces), Gauntlett Cheng will no longer be showing collections more than once a year, with 'Bye Bye' serving as their final F/W '19 collection—at least in a traditional sense.


This season, the brand continued their exploration of textiles, using fabric, rather than silhouette, as a way to highlight the female form. Combining their signature knitwear with custom woven pieces, the design duo creates nearly one-of-a-kind pieces that feel sexy and smart.


"The collection feels like stepping into the wardrobe of your mother, older sister or cool aunt and trying to visualize yourself in a world slightly bigger than your own, while still dragging your baby blanket, your dirty boots or your shrunken sweater with you," said the designers.


See photos from backstage, below.

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