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Hello Mr.'s Morning Routine


Next stop, the post office, where he mails all of his wares by hand. Ryan’s dressed in ACNE, Levi's gifted from a shoot, and a sturdy pair of Doc Martins. He’s “not a fashion guy.” Last night I find out he opted for Boiler Room over the PUBLIC, and whenever he can find Dixie Chicks on the tracklist, he’ll throw coin. His favorite restaurant is Lalito, and DONNA out in Williamsburg is his bar of choice. Ryan likes what he likes, enjoys his work, isn’t a complainer, and it is unbelievably refreshing.


We pick up his laundry, climb the rose-colored stairs to his apartment. In the corner are a stack of Badlands posters from D.C. Pride. We talk about his “need to create.” He mentions that his proudest moment came the day he stumbled upon Hello Mr. in his hometown’s Barnes and Noble. Ryan talks about his “slow and steady approach to visibility,” angst over Trump, and hopes for the future.


He says that he still gets handwritten letters from people in “closeted communities,” and that more than once he’s had to mail a magazine in unmarked packaging to protect his customer. After a goodbye breakfast sandwich, we part ways.


To prove it happened, here are the pics. Yes, he's single, yes he's on the apps. Take my advice, and whatever you do, don't open with "Hello Mister."

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