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Helmut: Hitting the Road Again

Famed French Fashion House Helmut Lang has, as of late, been focusing more than ever on being the brand able to create clothing that offers an iteration of the classic Lang line's concept, adapted to articulate the current climate— both that of the fashion industry itself, as well as that of global culture as a whole. 



In December, the brand returned to their iconic collection inspired by the NYC yellow cab, releasing a re-interpretation of the original release featuring today's Taxi drivers, modeling designs made to speak to modern style of both the city and the brand, currently.


But today— Lang is leaving on a road trip, and, irreverant as ever, they're taking a taxi.




Today, Lang's latest drop reveals the brand is dedicated to constantly kicking things up a notch, this time expanding the reach of the Taxi initiative from New York, and making their way to major cultural hubs such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, Paris, and finally— returning to NYC.



In an attempt to capture the essence and identity of each city as genuinely as possible, Helmut enlisted the help of young photographers, all of whom are native to the location they were charged with shooting. Further encapsulating the distinctive spirit of each destination, the colors of the merchandise (a hooded sweatshirt, and a long & short-sleeved t-shirt) mirror the vibrant colors of the taxis in which they are located.



This is street casting on another level‚ though, we shouldn't be too surprised. Whether they're taking cues from real deal Taxi drivers, Tinder, or Craigslist Personals (RIP)— Lang looks beyond what's been done before. We can't argue this journey isn't an inticing one— we just wish Lang had let us come along.





All we can say now is— office can’t wait to see what Helmut has in store next.


Helmut Lang Limited Edition Taxi Capsule is available now online and in stores.

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