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Hey Lynn

Our very own Sjoerd Cuypers and his girlfriend Lynn chit-chatted a bit about growing up on a camping site and traveling the world as a model, while shooting some photos. Check it out below.

Hey Lynn, tell the people where you are from.


Haha okay. I was born on a camping site in a small village in the south of Holland. My parents owned this camping site and we lived on it for the first 9 years of my life. Than I moved to Sittard, a city in the south of Holland.


How was it to grow up on a camping site?

That was wonderful. All I remember is me playing outside building tree houses with my brother and random kids that visited the camping site with their parents. We also had a big ass swimming pool that could fit more than 100 people, haha! Of course, having a camping site means having a lot of stress too, but I was too young for that, so I only remember the good stuff.


It is kind of cool, right? You growing up on a camping site and now, traveling the world as a model.


Yes, the difference is huge. But I believe that growing up and living on the camping site still helps me. It taught me to appreciate the basics in life. Also, it still feels crazy in a good way, each time I have to travel. Like, does someone really need me on the other side of the world? Me, that girl from that super small village in Holland [laughs].


How did you start modeling?


That is a funny story. At first, when I visited the bigger cities in Holland (once a year, haha) with my parents, I got scouted by several agencies. But it was actually social media that got me into modeling, and it wasn't Facebook or Instagram. It was before that [laughs]. I started fooling around with a camera when I was super young and posted a lot of my work on this social media network that you can compare with what is Tumblr nowadays. Apparently it was popular enough to have scouts on it, because someone reached out to me if I would like to start modeling.


Do you like it?


Absolutely yes! I love to model. It is like acting, I feel like I am a different person when I stand in front of a camera.


Do you know for how long we have been together?


No, do you?




Do I want to know?


6.5 years.


Wow. That is crazy!




It just is. In this world where the only constant thing is change, especially when it comes to love, its crazy to have a relationship that started when we where that young [15].


But do you still love me?


Oh yes. [laughs]


It is nice that we are able to travel a bit together now, right?


Yes, that's the best. Finally, I have a buddy with who I can share having super good and super bad moments in this fashion industry. Because yes, it's a roller coaster. I also feel lucky that you actually (finally) understand how this industry works, so I don't always have to explain what is happening and why that is happening. Ever since you started working for office, I kind of feel like our worlds have a lot of similarities, which is also nice.


That is true. But we both love home [Holland], too!


Yes I love being home. I am a family person, so I can’t miss them for too long haha.


When is our next trip?


Hopefully next week, when we will go to Milano!


To end this awkward interview, any ultimate goals in life?


For now, I just want to work on beautiful (modeling) projects and to create stuff I like with my camera. Hmm, having my own little cute café would be very nice for the future too. And you of course [laughs].

Follow Lynn's journey here!

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