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I Blew All My Wages On A £500 Burbury Handbag

Her tongue-in-cheek reaction to this struggle for style has resulted in a wonderful zine, full of fashion, family, and friends— depicting the dichotomous environments of day-to-day and designer, she has styled each “character” in part-uniform-part-couture-clothing.

Check out the office-exclusive on Jones' online zine, below.

  • Left: Jumpsuit by Little Sunny Bite, Bags by Louis Vuitton & Joanne Hynes, Earrings by Blitz London, Shoes by New Balance
  • Right: Top by Burberry at Nordic Poetry, Skirt by Vintage, Shoes by Christian Louboutin, Bag by Toga
  • Left: Coat by Preen Line, Tee by Moschino
  • Right: Shirt by Versace at Nordic Poetry, Head scarf by Connor Downey
  • Left: Top by Joanne Hynes, Jeans by Vintage, Shoes by Gucci, Accessories by Vintage, Jewelry by Butler & Wilson
  • Right: Velour trousers by Nordic Poetry, Shoes by Jimmy Choo, Bag by Lulu Guiness, Earrings by Butler & Wilson
  • Left: Coat by Preen Line, Tee by Moschino
  • Right: Top by Vintage, Skirt by Preen Line, Shoes by Vintage, Necklace by Butler & Wilson
  • Left: Blouse by Ellinor Brannstrom, Jumper by Vintage, Trousers by Vintage, Shoes by Vivienne Westwood, Bag by Burberry, Neckerchief by Connor Downey, Jewelry by Butler & Wilson
  • Right: Blouse by Shakila Thebe, Shirt by Vintage, Skirt by Fendi at Nordic Poetry, Shoes by Toga, Bags both by Lulu Guiness
  • Models: Eileen Pettinger, Vivienne Jackson, Annabel Rimmer, Valerie Jones, Alice Heppleston, Brenda Jones, Alisha Higham, Paul Jones, Aimee Rook
  • Directed, produced and styled by Emily Jones

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