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I Could Be Your Underworld

And for her first time showing them, she hosted a Q&A, and a very sweet one at that. It felt like a round table of family members, personal, jovial, and I felt especially included, even as an observer. After, we huddled in an alleyway behind the space and spoke for a moment. She was open, and sensitive—as one might be on reading someone their diary. In our discussion, below, I learned much about Tommy Genesis—and I believe that by simply seeing her sketches, you might too.


How do you feel now [that your show is up there]?


I feel good. I was nervous because everyone was like, “Oh don't be nervous, you always perform, you always do shows,” but this is the first time I've ever shown my art.


Do you feel like this is more vulnerable?


I just feel like it's brand new. A new experience. I mean, these are things I make anyways, for myself, and then suddenly having them in a public space outside of my apartment…


It seems personal.


It is very personal, it’s like pretty much all just from my mind, not from looking at anything. Sitting down, drawing. I feel like I tend to draw the same thing over and over again, and it’s very repetitive, but that’s meditative. Its crazy because you could have an art show and put literally anything on the walls, in the space. When I went to art school I took sculpture and film and I still use film a lot, but sculpture, not really… making drawings feels more natural.


Theres more freedom in it, it seems. How do you feel like it relates to your music, is it totally separate?


I think it;s something that I do for myself, that I do really privately. It really doesn't have to do with music, or anyone.


That’s healthy.


It's basically my therapy. A meditation, what I do when I’m alone, and want to check out. It's not for sale because to me these are my kids, they’re just for me. It’s not that they're not good, I love them, but its hard to put them in a public space because they were never meant to be there.


You did have a lot of friends here supporting you.


Yeah. I didn't post it, I just sent invites to friends. But I’m glad you liked it. Art is so subjective sometimes. The aesthetic, and composition… but it feels really good.

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