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With a handful of stickers, we walked starry eyed through the endless sea of booths. And of course, put together a list of our favorites:


Snax Magazine


Who doesn't love a good logo? We definitely do, and while the silly tongue in cheek pin is what stopped us at Snax Magazine’s table, what kept us there was the intensely romantic curation of artists from all over the world. Their theme this year is resurrection and survival. Run by Ashley Buttercup, Snax Mag is dedicated to pulling at the heartstrings and making you look twice.


Undertone Collective


Showcasing their second issue, “On Body,” Undertone Collective is Cali-based collective of artists of color whose goal is to use radical vulnerability as a means to create space for women of color. In addition to their physical zine they also produce podcasts and host events. We’re here for all of it.




In her own words, Sacha Alexandra is “documenting what's left of my twenties on 35mm and instax film.” Judging from her booth, which is covered by her prints, her life is extremely eventful. By manipulating double exposures (and a lot of drunk friends), Sacha has captured something very real about today’s youth with her zine, Lucciiferr. It might be the insanity of it all, or the fun within that—but whatever it is, we’re just happy she shared it with us.

Above: Colin Stearns (left) and Untitled (right).



Bound Leather


Complete with a mag, stickers and posters, Bound Leather is the evocative zine we've been waiting for. A Brooklyn based endeavor, this saucy mag is a one man show, shot entirely by Steve Harwick. Over the weekend, the zine definitely grabbed our attention—but it might have been the “Tough Love Cum Rag” for sale.  


Colin Stearns


Colin Stearns, a former photography professor at Parsons, is interested in the ways personal space intersect with cultural history. While abstract, this idea shows up in his latest photo book, Please. Inverted landscapes are placed next to smiling strangers on the train—it’s haunting, and no doubt what drew us in.


Dish Rag Magazine


Cultural fermentation you say? What ever could that be? Well, it’s what Dish Rag Magazine is all about. Issue 00 is photo heavy and paired with critical essays, feature pieces and fiction all relating to the theme: caves. It's all a tad creepy, but in a really satisfying way. Plus, the magazine's mascot is a Chihuahua, which sat proudly at the front of the booth.


See more of our finds, and favorites, below.

Sweet Sweat, Lindsay Bottos
Lucciiferr, Sacha Alexandra
Lucciiferr, Sacha Alexandra
Matthew Gualco
High St(e)aks Media
Brendan Carroll
Lester Guijarro

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