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77 and/or 58 and/with 19



cat made out of crab meat
dimensions variable unique 

person sitting in passenger seat of car
dimensions variable unique

The work is a person sitting in the passenger seat of a car. The car should be a working car and can be on or off. The person can be any person (although a living person is recommended). It’s also recommended the person be alone in the car. The car can be anywhere. 

lasagna on heroin
dimensions variable unique

The lasagna can be any size/slice/piece the owner chooses. Heroin should be injected into the chosen lasagna regularly. (Since the lasagna is unlikely to “die,” dosages are unlikely to require strict monitoring.) Chosen lasagna can be disposed of however often the owner chooses. The work can be placed/kept/taken anywhere. 

pair of jeans and/with $228
dimensions variable unique

The work is a pair of jeans with 228 USD cash in one of its pockets. The work can be placed/ taken/worn anywhere. The pair of jeans can be any pair of jeans. The 228 USD can be any 228 USD cash. If USDs are not available, 228 units of an alternate currency (also in cash) can be used, as long as the jeans-tender/jeans-wearer feels those 228 units to be sufficiently representative of a certain value. 

I see you’ve gone and changed your name again
dimensions variable edition of 1 + 1 AP

The work is the word-sequence, “I see you’ve gone and changed your name again”. The work/words can be reproduced in any way imaginable: physically, vocally, psychically, or otherwise. 

motorcycle on birth control
dimensions variable unique

The work is a motorcycle on birth control pills. The motorcycle can be any working motorcycle that has a fuel tank. The pills can be any combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP). Pills should be placed in the motorcycle’s fuel tank following prescribed usage. Prolonged use of the pill may lead to irreparable engine damage. If this occurs, the owner is welcome to replace the engine (and/or any other COCP damaged parts); alternatively, the owner is welcome to put another motorcycle on birth control pills. 

dimensions variable edition 3 of 4 +1 AP

The work is an egg in someone’s mouth. The egg should be an egg laid by a chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus). The egg should be uncracked and uncooked and should be placed in the mouth on top of the tongue. It can then be moved around inside the mouth however the person-whose-mouth-it-is wishes. If the egg does crack inside the mouth, this is ok, but the work is unlikely to be the same as it was. The color of the egg is not important, but white could look best? 

antipodes group 2
dimensions variable unique

The work is a quartet of objects. Each object should be placed/kept according to the prescribed logic of antipodes works. The four objects are: a ceramic Santa Claus; a cane made of rawhide; a not-real orange; the words, “allow me to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” 

clitoris and/with play
dimensions variable unique

The work consists of two elements: a clitoris, a play. The clitoris can be any clitoris. The play can be any play (although emphasis should be on “play” as noun). The two elements can be any distance apart from one another or in immediate contact. The work can be on/in any surface(s)/space(s). The work needn’t be static. 

pizza with earring(s)

dimensions variable unique

The work consists of: a pizza, an earring or two. The pizza can be any pizza. The earring(s) can be any earring(s). The work has no recommended duration, and can be placed on any surface. It can be eaten and/or worn. 

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