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Alexandra Alvarez


What is your ideal office?


Windows! I feel blessed to be living and creating in NYC. My showroom is bright and the ceilings are high, but there aren’t any windows. I am completely out of touch with the passage of time, the weather and the bustling streets that surround my studio. Ideally, I’d love a two-story office with a view of the ocean (a girl can dream, right?), but right now I’d kill for just a little bit of sunlight.


What is an object that has made a remarkable impression on you?


FaceTime! Don’t judge. I use it all the time to communicate with my factory in midtown. I’m super detail-oriented and FaceTime makes it possible for me to make notes and adjustments if I’m not there in person. My life is split between NYC and Miami where my family lives, so it also allows me to share my experiences with people who are thousands of miles away.


What was the last profound experience you shared?


One of the hardest things about opening my own business was forming a cohesive team. Recently I’ve seen my team flourish—they’re fighting for success just as hard as I am, which is the greatest motivator for me.


How do you live an uncommon life?


Half the year I live in New York. The other half I split between Miami and Greece (where my boyfriend lives). It’s interesting exploring such opposing fashion cultures while running my own company but if anything it also gives me perspective on how the world works.


What is your greatest mistake thus far?


Not being able to say no. Being aware of how many projects I can take on is just as important a part of being successful as devoting myself whole-heartedly to my work.


What is your most sacred space in New York?


The spa at the Greenwich Hotel is a little piece of heaven. Literally.


When was the last time you gasped?


A couple weeks ago when I was working at the Library in the NoMad Hotel (another sacred spot in the city) and suddenly realized Danny DeVito was sitting across from me reading a newspaper. I grew up watching him in Twins with my dad and he has just as much charisma in person as he does on screen. #dreamman


What is the finest thing you’ve ever tasted?


There’s nothing like coming home to Miami and having my mother’s home-cooked Cuban food. Her black beans are unreal.


Who or what would you like to be reincarnated as?


A grizzly bear! Eating the freshest salmon sashimi and hibernating seems like a wonderful change of lifestyle.


Where is the most unexpected place you’ve worn a bodysuit?


Bikini wax. So convenient.

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