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Aura Friedman


What is your ideal office?


My ideal office is Sally Hershberger’s salon in downtown New York and in West Hollywood. Or on set creative directing and coloring wigs for shoots.


What is the good life?


My ideal situation in life is getting more creative direction work and traveling the world with a loved one.


How would you like to be remembered?


As a fearless creative innovator and a visionary.


What has been your most difficult decision?


Life is full of difficult decisions.


What do you consider your greatest achievement?


I recently conceptualized and colored wigs for a short film starring Ashley Smith called Screen Test. Ashley plays five archetype characters reading one monologue for a screen test, an idea that came through my experience as a colorist, where I get the opportunity to transform people through transforming their hair color. I’m lucky enough to have a talented photographer-director friend who believes in my ideas and works with me to make them come to fruition.


If you weren’t a colorist, what would you be?


I’m transitioning into creative direction but I have a secret passion to be a forensic scientist. If I won the lottery I would go to school for that!


What has been your greatest disappointment?


The most disappointing thing in the beauty industry is how difficult it is as a woman to get ahead, which is strange since the industry is geared towards women.


What is the significance of color?


Color can express your mood, your personality, and it frames the face. It’s very powerful.


What is an unexpected object that inspires you?


The ocean, especially at home in Miami Beach or the Caribbean.


What does beauty feel like?




What is your most sacred space in New York?


I go to a spa once a week called Body by Brooklyn, and I love the two-hundred degree Russian sauna.


What is your uniform?


My uniform ranges from one extreme to the other—vintage, lace, sheer clothing to Havaianas and cut-off jean shorts. I’m a beach girl at heart. 

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