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Because of the Wonderful Things He Does


My favorite food is probably turkey burgers... You should fuck with it.

Wiz smokes kush, and Wiz makes music. Prodigiously. These acts alone wouldn’t set him apart in a crowd of rappers with a penchant for cannabis, but for the fact that he does both with singular style—a style best described as seeming like he genuinely does not give a fuck. His nonchalant charisma has earned him droves of fawning admirers and mainstream success as an international rap idol, so how can he possibly keep a level head amidst the pitfalls and temptations of fame and fortune? One can only wonder…


Office – What is your relationship with ass?


Wiz Khalifa – I don’t really look as much at the ass as I look at like the whole figure, you know?” Does that make sense? Because you could have like a nice small booty with a good rest of the body, or a bigger one works with the rest of the body too.  It’s just all how it’s proportioned.


O – Not to offend you, but your wife has a pretty big ass, I think it is fantastic. I wish my wife looked like that! [Laughs]


WK – [Laughs] I think it’s pretty nice too.


O – Of course you do! So, what do you fear?


WK – I don’t really feel threatened, I don’t fear anything when it comes to safety. My biggest worry is just letting the people down that I really, really care about and that I know matter to me. That’s pretty much why I work really hard and just try to stay, you know, a respectable, cool guy because I know those people are depending on everything.

O – I understand. What about like… I mean, I guess we all have some sort of fear…


WK – Well I guess you don’t want to be buried alive or anything like that.


O – No, of course not. Me, for instance, I am really scared of spiders.


WK – Ahh, I hate spiders! Yeah, I take my clothes off and run.


O – [Laughs] Yeah, me too.


WK – You too?


O – I don’t take my clothes off, but I scream and I try to run away, or like, hide somewhere. It’s just really gets to me, you know what I mean?


WK –  Yeah, it gives you the creepy crawlies, right?


O – Exactly. What is the worst food you’ve ever tasted?


WK – Probably some fish eggs when I was in Japan. It was just— I didn’t like the texture.  It made me want to really, really barf.


O – What’s your favorite food then?


WK – My favorite food is probably turkey burgers. Like, I fuck with beef, steak and shit like that, but I eat a little different. You know, I just feel like turkey burgers have a little bit more taste. You should fuck with it.


O – You have like no fat on your body. What is your secret?


WK – [Laughs] You know what? I’m just blessed. I don’t gain any weight at all. I haven’t gained any weight since high school, not even a pound.

I have always been like the kind of old school, traditional guy...when I find somebody who I’m into, then that’s really all I need.

O –  Would you spend a thousand dollars on a pair of sneakers?


WK –  Totally.


O – Do you still have fun on the road? Dealing with press, the interviews, the photo shoots, stuff like that?


WK – Yeah, it’s tons of fun man. That stuff keeps it interesting because I get to meet new people. And I kind of get to, you know, just fuck with them, and make it fun. 


O – How many of the crew that came with you to our shoot are your entourage?


WK – I don’t have anybody who’s just part of my entourage, everybody around me got a job. I mean, sometimes I keep my engineer with me, because even though he’s there during the day and he might be chilling, later on that night we might go to the studio and end up recording. And trust any other engineers, so it’s good to just have him on deck, you know?


O – Like if something comes up and you want to do something?


WK – Right, if I need to record a feature of, you know, god knows who, we got to be able to make it happen.


O –  What have you been up to recently?


WK – My album Blacc Hollywood is out, I am really excited about that. I’m doing the Under the Influence of Music Tour—it’s actually the third time we’re doing that tour, so that’s going to be really, really fun. That’s poppin’ off this summer. I am actually going to Europe first, to do festivals and things like that. Then I come back to the U.S.”


O – What is up with the pedicures?

WK – Yeah, I like getting my feet done, like every week. It makes me feel good. I’m glad you reminded me actually, I need to get a pedicure before I leave.


O – [Laughs] We have a shot of you sitting with your feet in the water and lighting up and it’s a really, really good moment. It’s one of those moments you can’t really reenact or anything, it’s so good.


WK – Right, it’s like some real…real sleazy shit.

O – It’s not easy to deal with only one woman. How do you do that?


WK –  I have always been like the kind of old school, traditional guy, you know what I mean? When I find somebody who I’m into, then that’s really all I need. I’ve been on that road with Amber for a minute, and we’ve been married, you know, for almost a year now. So it’s not hard because people really respect that and they just treat the situation as, you know, we know what it is with Wiz. So like, girls don’t even really try. And if I were to do something that was weird it would look worse on me than it would look better, so I don’t even go down that road.


O – That’s so cool.  As I’ve said, I am married as well and it’s not easy all of the way. There are temptations, thoughts, there are a lot of things going on. And a man in your position, it must be a challenge.  It sounds like you are really down to earth, it’s very admirable.

WK – Ah no, thank you. I appreciate it man. I feel like that’s just how it’s supposed to be, you know?


O – So do you have a plan for when you are finished with your music career?


WK – I always think about music as just music, but me as a business man I feel like I’m always going to be doing something, setting myself or my family up to be doing well, and changing things in the world. Music is just something that happens to be my talent and my passion, and I’m blessed and I’m really fortunate to be able to do what I do. I feel like, you know, given the opportunities and a lot of time and just meeting the right people and learning the right things, I feel like I could do so much more than music. So I’m just happy to be starting here and to be working towards, you know, just being a successful person in general. Being an entertainer is just extra to me. I feel like these types of things work themselves out. I see myself as being kind of a lifestyle person. So, pretty much anything that I do kind of turns into like a brand. So, it’s just about managing all of that stuff and making it work for me later. And saving some time for my personal life so I am still like a normal person, you know?


O – I have worked with a few people in the same situation as you and a lot of them are not as grounded as you are. That’s really rare, you know?


WK –They need to smoke more weed.


O – [Laughs] Maybe that’s the answer. I’ll tell that to Nicki Minaj.


WK – [Laughs]

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