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office people

What is your ideal office?

(Both)—We’re in it. We’re in it right now. Synths, comfortable chairs, vintage furniture, and inspiration.


Which instrument sounds the sexiest?

(Both)—The saxophone.


Which instrument looks and feels the sexiest?

D1—Which instrument looks the sexiest? I think, hmm, the sexiest looking instrument...

PT—The harp, I mean, to me.

D1—Oh, hell yeah! The harp is the sexiest. And feels the sexiest too.


Can you describe the last dream you had?

D1—Umm...a sensual dream.

PT—It’s funny you should say that. The last dream I had was I woke up to a giant baby chasing me through lakes, and I was jumping over the lakes.

D1—That’s a good one, I have to sit down and psychoanalyze that one. I’m actually not joking, I had a dream with my girlfriend last night. I was very surprised.

PT—You sure it was your girlfriend?

D1—Yeah yeah yeah, I am actually, haha. She had brown hair in the dream, and then this morning I was like, “You should dye your hair brown again,” and she got really mad at me.


What is your preferred mode of transportation?

D1—The bicycle.

PT—The car.


If you were each professional athletes, what would be your sport of choice?



PT—Dude, yeah Ping-Pong. I think I’m alright at it, I’ve beaten people while on the phone.

D1—Well played, well played.

PT—I think as a double team, we could be a force to be reckoned with.


What mythological creature best represents Chromeo?

PT—Hydra, playing the synths with all the heads.


Who was the first musician you idolized?

D1— The first? The Beastie Boys.

PT—For me, it was Michael Jackson.


What brings you to your knees?

PT—Gratitude, and a Boyz II Men song.

D1—That’s one knee, P, that’s one knee.


How do you heal a broken heart?

D1—Give it some time.


What outfit of yours would you choose to be buried in?

D1—I wouldn’t really know.

PT—I would add silk pants to what I’m wearing now. So full silk.


What does God smell like?

D1—Oooh! She smells like power. She smells like power and patchouli!

PT— That’s an album title, dude, Power & Patchouli. That’s hot.


What is your favorite phrase in the French language?

D1—“Les carrottes sont cuites!”—“The carrots are cooked!” It was code in the second World War, when the allies came to Normandy, if I’m not mistaken. That was their secret code meaning, Yo, the allies are coming to save us. People still say it today, meaning something like, “Are we good to go?”

PT—It became like, “ We’re ready.” Every French person knows what it means.


Where did you lose your virginity?

D1—Oh wow. At my parents house.

PT—In a humid basement in Montreal.

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