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Cunt Mafia


What is your ideal office?

A place to express yourself. Airy and bright. What I need is a clean desk, I’m very eclectic so I like objects like hairgel and ‘90s pencils around me, and wigs, and chokers, and inspirational items. And iced coffee.


What is an object that has made a remarkable impression on you?

Everything at Milk Studios when I did the Hercules and Love Affair shoot. It was all slate gray, I called it the real New York aesthetic. Huge loft, bright huge windows, just gorgeous, positive energy. Just an amazing atmosphere.


What was the last profound experience you shared?

I have a lot of profound experiences with my performance art, and on Twitter. A lot of it is with Internet fans that I’ve never met. I use the Internet as my office because that’s where I make the majority of my money, promoting parties and my music. There are secret groups where you can write and make a lot of weird fans and friends, and I talk there. So I’d say the Internet is my profound experience.


How do you live an uncommon life?

Well, I don’t live in reality. I call myself Autistic Pussy for a reason. I consider myself unable to connect with basic society in America, Westernized society, but at the same time I’m very like, about my fast food. I’m just a fuckin’ weirdo. Go on my Vine, you’ll see that I’m very uncommon.


What is your greatest mistake thus far?

Oh my god. My greatest mistake is becoming obsessed with boys too fast, and then ruining every chance I have at happiness.

What is your look about?

My look is very Cunt Mafia. It is about the unforgiving icon.


How do beauty and violence work together?

Oh my god, beauty and violence is like my whole album. I would say violence and beauty, used together in an avant-garde platform, can push people’s minds forward.


What is your relationship with the Mafia?

Well, I learned from my father how to hustle the government, and basically be about that life. I’m a promoter, so I throw illegal after-hours parties. I’ve been raided by the cops, they know me, they come to my parties and shut it down. They’ve scaled buildings, knocked down walls. There’s a lot of stuff that’s happened in my past, I would consider myself a notorious gangsta.


What is the future of sexual empowerment?

Women need to stop watching television, stop looking at these TMZ-type celebrities. These women don’t have minds, they’re followers. So when women start empowering themselves, then we’ll have a sexual revolution. My take on it is I don’t give a flying fuck, I just live life, but I think we’re actually a society that doesn’t like to show emotions, and sadness. When we start showing that we’re human I think we’ll all get along better.


What would you like to destroy?

I would like to destroy Iggy Azalea. I would like to destroy ghostwritten lyrics. And I would like to destroy the music industry.

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