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Curtis Kulig


What is your ideal office?


Anywhere with south-western exposure. I like sun and a view.


What idea has made a defining impression on you?


The invention of the SodaStream. Genius.


What is the good life?


It’s Stretch Armstrong’s dad’s house in the south of France.


What do you consider your greatest achievement?


I haven’t done it yet.


What was your most difficult decision?


Where to eat or what shoes to wear.


How would you like to be remembered?


As a gentleman of great curiosity.


What has been your biggest disappointment?


Not knowing always disappoints me.


What is your most treasured belonging?


My cat Jack.


What is the first thing you think about in the morning?

Doing a headstand.


What would your uniform be?


White T-shirt and jeans.


Where is the most unexpected place someone can find ‘love me’?


Tattooed on their body.


What does love feel like?


Like a grandmother’s hug wrapped in a croissant.


Where do you find the most surprising graffiti in New York?

Pinned to ad agency walls.


How does collaboration affect your work?


Options. Options and more options. Everyone loves options. 

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