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Dorothea Barth-Jorgensen


What is your ideal office?


Depends on what I’m doing. Writing I have to do at cafés. Modeling I prefer somewhere exotic.


What idea has made a defining impression on you?


It’s your perception that matters, not the situation.


What is the good life?


Feeling it! The good life is true connection with anything, it can be people, sex, art, beauty, theater, spirituality. I want to be touched emotionally, not in this superficial mind way, but true pureness.


You express yourself in many different media– photography, acting, painting, modeling, writing, film. When do you feel to be in your truest form?


Acting. One hundred percent, there is nothing more complete, you are in there with your heart and soul, whatever that means. It’s a treasure hunt in search for truth.


How does the concept of the unconscious inspire your work?

I’m fascinated about anything that can’t be measured or scientifically proven, I don’t like to divide conscious and

unconscious, it’s all the same, just deeper water, it’s got to be mysterious, where your only guideline is intuition, and intuition is your truest and most honest form of yourself, nothing to hold on to other than yourself.


What does beauty feel like?


Like small physical shivers, I can get goosebumps if something is extremely beautiful.


Why are you fascinated by the human back?


Backs don’t lie, they can’t hide behind the expression of face or language, it is one of the true canvases of the inner life of human beings.


How do you define style?


Own it, believe in it one hundred percent and you will look stylish no matter what you do.


What is the most insightful thing you’ve learned from a designer or photographer by working as their model?

Jonny from Acne told me “Put on your coolest clothes, go to N YC and you’ ll make it.” Simple but oh-so-powerful to have someone believing in you. And then to believe it too. 



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