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Elgar Johnson


What is your ideal office?


My ideal office has air-conditioning when it’s hot,

heating when it’s cold, a minibar, good music and lots of

Liverpool FC memorabilia hanging around. Basically the

GQ Style office.


What is the good life?


Health for yourself, family and friends.


What do you consider your greatest achievement?


Becoming Fashion Director at GQ Style. It sounds cliché, but

it’s true that if you work hard enough you can achieve good

things. I never went to college, et cetera, I just chanced it

and kept going. There are tough times but it’s all part of the

journey. I’m excited about this part of the journey.


What is your most treasured belonging?


My most treasured possession is a signed football from

Liverpool after they won their fifth European Cup.


What has been your most difficult decision?


Probably deciding to leave i-D. It was such a huge part

of my life at the time, but it was the right time. I always

trust my instincts.


If you weren’t a fashion director, what would you be?


I would be in the army I think.


What has been your biggest disappointment?


Seeing that there are way too many people that hate on each

other in the fashion industry, and you hear the most stupid

stories about people. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


What is the first thing you think about in the



The first thing I think is ‘What’s the football gossip on the

BBC website?’


What is your uniform?


Shorts, T-shirt, and Nikes or Adidas trainers! My look is

casual. Nothing more, nothing less.


Any advice for the novice stylist?


I think new stylists need to be patient and polite. Manners

go a long way.


Who would you pick to style a portrait of you?


I would have Simon Foxton style me, he’s my best friend

and the man that taught me everything. He has styled

me before, when I was a model, and put me in weird

outfits, but now I’m older I would hope he would be a lot

kinder haha. Or Jonathan Kaye, another old friend who

makes men look really handsome—and we all want to

look handsome, right?


What is an unexpected source of inspiration for



I get inspired by loads of random things. Strangely it’s

when I’m watching something like WWE or Sky Sports

News. I think it’s because your brain is so relaxed and

thoughts come more easily. For example when I came

up with the idea of Big Trouble in Little China for Astrid

Andersen’s recent collaboration with A$AP Ferg, that

came from watching a late night WWE Raw episode. I

love characters.


Who is a designer, living or dead, that you wish to

collaborate with?


I don’t know about designers, but what would excite me

is if the late great Ray Petri was around, maybe styling

Givenchy—and working with Riccardo would be pretty



How would you like to be remembered?


As a normal guy from Peterborough that had manners.

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