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Ella Dror


What is your ideal office?


My ideal office would be located in the center of either London or New York. Our showroom would be very minimal with cold white walls, black custom rails, black-with-glitter flooring, neon art and a massive chill-out area with cozy sofas, a massive TV, and a well stocked bar. Our office would be on the floor above, with a glass wall overlooking the showroom.


What is an object that has made a remarkable impression on you?


My BlackBerry. I use one that’s four years old so in terms of technology it’s really out of date lol... I love its simplicity, it’s a phone that I can make calls on, text and email. That¹s all I really want my phone to do I think, everything else is essentially a toy and not at all practical.


What was the last profound experience you shared?


Losing a parent is the most difficult experience I have ever had. I was fifteen when my father passed away. Sometimes it hurts so much I feel I can’t breathe, the pain in my heart is unbearable. In the past five years some of my closest friends have unfortunately been through this pain and loss. Until you experience this yourself it’s almost impossible to understand. It’s great to be able to help the people I love just by having a true understanding of what they are feeling and going through. Death is a part of life for the people still living.


How do you live an uncommon life?


I’m not really sure what common means to other people, but to me it would be as simple as getting married, having kids and having a standard daily routine. This is not my life. Sometimes I wonder if I should have attempted a ‘common’ life—to be honest I have never had this. My parents lived the most uncommon life imaginable. My life has always been ‘uncommon,’ I take every day as it comes and nothing much can truly shock me. I‘m ready for whatever the day has in store for me. I don’t think I could live any other way.


What is your greatest mistake thus far?


I make mistakes all the time, big and small. It’s important to learn from your mistakes and try not to make them again. My biggest mistake is not listening to my own advice.


What song gets you out of bed in the morning?


I could not pick a song but really I love listening to divas in the morning. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion…lol I guess that¹s not the answer you were expecting.


What are the qualities/people/places/scenarios that describe your London?


Qualities: the integrity of the city, the weather, sometimes the public transport. People: Ashley Smith, Aaron Frew, my mum, Ebi Sampson, Nina Scott. Places: my office, my home, Soho, North London. Scenarios: getting the tube, partying at Visions, shopping at Selfridges, driving around London with Nina, dinner in Soho, the Red Bull Carnival party!


What words make your heart beat faster?


“You’re going on holiday.” The key word being “holiday.”


What is your advice for the novice designer?


If you’re going to do it, do it the right way. This is a business, remember there is more to it than just designing and making clothes.


You step out of the bath to find your flat is on fire— what do you throw on as you run out the door?


All my Chanel trainers and bags and my Balenciaga sunglasses. Wait, I also need my Astrid Andersen kimono. Actually no, I need to open the window and throw everything out of it before I run out! These things cannot burn.

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