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Eva Gödel


What is your ideal office?


Most important to me is my great team, to have people you love to see and work with every day. Also essential is a view and good natural light. I like the office we have, but as our team grows it starts getting too small. We recently found a new space that needs renovation from scratch. So I look forward to finally getting terrazzo floors with floor heating. All of my former offices had wooden floors and as they were rented I never changed them.


Where is the most unexpected place you’ve discovered a new face?

The day before Christmas, in the long line at a supermarket cashpoint. Everybody had full wagons and baskets buying lots of groceries for the celebration days. Then there was one boy queueing totally relaxed with just one bottle of still water. He was as beautiful as this gesture.


Is there a maternal aspect to your work?


Yes, of course. My mom used to be a teacher and she says sometimes my job is not much different from hers.


What is the meaning behind the name of your agency?

When the boys run around at show castings, every one with high expectations and hopes, and then options do not work out for some of them, I tell them—”Well, Tomorrow Is Another Day.”


What is the most beautiful word in the German language?



What is the last great song you heard?


The extended version of Tour de France by Kraftwerk, just played live for the Grand Départ in my hometown, Düsseldorf.


Do you have any enemies?




Who is the youngest person you trust, and why?


My five-year-old godson Artur, because he is just great.


What is your favorite part of the human body?


The face.


Can you describe the last dream you had?


I cannot remember.


What has been your greatest mistake?


Ask me in 40 years.


Who was your heartthrob crush as a teenager?


River Phoenix.


What’s the best way to get noticed?


Be as you are, and find out what you like and what you are good in and stick to it.


What’s the last piece of art that moved you?


Anne Imhof’s Faust at the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. I am really proud that she asked me to help her cast her performers.


Where would you like to die?


In my bed, windows open and a view on open water.

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