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Giulia and Camilla Venturini

office people

What is your ideal office?

(Both)—To not have an office.


What is the most dangerous thing in your handbag?

CV—Weed vape and my jiujitsu belt.

GV—Weed vape, phone.


If you were each professional athletes, what would be your sports of choice?

CV—Obviously jiujitsu.

GV—Shaolin Kung Fu, always dreamt to be a Shaolin master.

(Both)— And together, synchronized swimming. We could be pretty good at it. Plus, the outfits are incredible. Plus, the facial expressions are also incredible.


What is the best Italian insult?

Like Tony Soprano’s boat, S TUGO TS, which means “Suck a dick.”


When is the last time you had a sisterly dispute?

Right now over these answers.


How do you heal a broken heart?

Paracetamol and a new boyfriend.


What track will you always dance to?

CV—Prince, “When Doves Cry”

GV—Stevie Nicks, “Edge of Seventeen”


Where is the most sacred place on earth?

CV—New York.



Have you ever seen a ghost?

CV—Once in Paris I was woken up by something or someone sitting at the foot of my bed, I thought it was my sister but I was sleeping alone.

GV—I wish I could tell you my ghost story, but I don’t have one.


What’s the last thing that made you sweat?

CV—Insanity workout.

GV—Bringing my dog to the emergency room


What is your spirit vegetable?



You wake up in jail—how’d you end up here?

(Both)—No doubt bank robbery, Giulia wearing a Hellraiser mask and Camilla as Sloth from The Goonies.


What was your favorite snack as a child?

CV—My grandmother’s famous “pane e nutella”.

GV—My grandmother was also famous for “pane e salame”.


Do you prefer sunlight or moonlight, and why?

(Both)—Def moonlight cause we are witches.


What would you like your epitaph to read?

(Both)—We always loved the idea of dying at the same time and sharing a grave. For the epitaph, “Forever together.”

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