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Jen Brill


What is your ideal office?


An open, extremely tidy space with massive windows and beautiful light.


Is New York your city?


Yes, and I share it with about nine million other people.


What idea has made a remarkable impression on you?


Always the most simple ideas.


How would you like to be remembered?


I tend to think that’s none of my business.


What is your most treasured belonging?


The thousands of photographs I have of my parents.


If you weren’t a creative director, what would you be?


A florist? A mediocre chef?


What grosses you out?


I can trip out on subways, but If I’m in a good spiritual place I can see the beauty in everything, including a subway car on the C line.


Who would you come back as in your next life?


I’d love to experience at least one lifetime as a man.


When have you made the wrong decision?


All of the time—they get me to where I’m going.


Who is an up-and-coming photographer we should keep an eye out for?


My friend, Tony Cox.


What is your favorite place in downtown New York?


I have favorite places in Brooklyn now.


Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?


Exene Cervenka and Miuccia Prada


What made you get involved with RxArt?


I’m endlessly inspired by the founder of RxArt, Diane Brown. She is relentless in her vision and mission.


You once wanted to be a painter, do you still?


No, I leave that to the pros. 

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