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Julia Fox


What is your ideal office? 


The one I have now. It’s right across the hall from my apartment, which is convenient for someone with such a crazy lifestyle. I run in and out all day and I never feel confined or trapped. Maybe I just wish it was bigger, and maybe further down the hall. 


Is New York your city? 


I was raised here so yes, I guess. I recently moved down south, but New York is still my city. Although now it’s not the city that I choose to remember. My memories of New York are real. New York isn’t that real anymore. 


How would you like to be remembered?


As long as I’m remembered I don’t really care how. 


What is your most treasured belonging? 


A four-leaf clover that someone real special gave me seven years ago. It’s one of the only things I’ve managed to hold on to. And of course I love my diamonds more than life as well.


What is a career highlight that sticks out to you? 


We get a lot of press, but I would have to say that the biggest highlight was seeing a beautiful girl out at an event in a Franziska Fox dress for the first time. 


If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?


Social worker, for sure.


Who would you come back as in your next life? 


Honestly, I would want to come back as me and maybe try something totally different and see where I end up.


How does living with bipolar disorder impact your life? 


My disorder is usually at the steering wheel and I’m in the passenger seat. It can be difficult not being in control of myself or not being able to trust myself to make good decisions. But in a way I also secretly love it, because I end up in the craziest situations. It’s never a dull moment. However, all my senses are heightened at all times. I feel things so hard, it’s really overwhelming. 


You’re very open about your personal life, do you find this empowering?


It’s definitely empowering because I’ve owned every aspect of my past. I spent a lot of time hiding and putting on this façade, and ultimately it just lead me to feel sad and lonely. I didn’t want to feel sad and lonely anymore. They say the truth will set you free. I think this is true. I recently moved to the South and met a nice guy. He’s a good Christian boy. A mechanic. I liked him a lot. It took him a day to find out everything about me and he was kind of put off by it. However it made our connection so much more intimate as I opened up to him and he did to me about his past.


What is the difference between Julia Fox and Franziska Fox, the lady?


Franziska Fox is the lady that Julia Fox would like to be in the sense that she is chic, poised, confident and exudes strength and femininity. I think deep down I have those traits but unfortunately I have a lot of other ones too. 


What is the key to staying creative? 


Being alone for a long period of time or being sad really works for me, but also being around other creatives.


What grosses you out?


People that get into relationships and then forget who they are. They start baking pies and shit. It’s such a waste and makes me feel weird.

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