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Laura Sfez


What is your ideal office?


My ideal office would have people working for me that I could spoil with my clothes and smiles. I would never be in it. My office is the field I run on, the keyboard I communicate on and the world I photograph. My new office will be Paris soon. I will relocate where I run, and every single centimeter I have access to will be my office. You’ll see it all very soon.


What is an object that has made a remarkable impression on you?


There has never been a more remarkable object than my ten dollar guitar my uncle Angel bought me when I was fourteen years old. I played it because I only wanted to exist in that world. Every hour I could possibly get away from school was to play this guitar as to come closer and closer to that world and to finally swim in it when I’d hit all the right notes. It broke one day and I decided to smash it like a punk fuck and then wrote on it and hung it over my bed. Other than that, there are not many objects I care for at all. I don’t care about that guitar anymore but if I got a new one I know I would.


What was the last profound experience you shared?


That’s a pretty damn personal question. My profound experience was love. I felt love for the first time in a very long time. It is rare to be in the presence of true and powerful love. That kind of feeling cannot be sustained or erased. I believe it is true even if it fades.


How do you live an uncommon life?


I think I really truly do what I want and tend to want new things. I do not think that is common. I used to think that was common, but I see things as I grow up and a lot of people around me don’t change or try or even want to. People don’t want to let go of their objects too. I want to. Objects are slavery. Change your clothes and throw out the shit that reminds you of when you are depressed or had a bad time.


What is your greatest mistake thus far?


Nothing really. I hired a horrible person once to take care of my production and she would tell me she hated everything about my designs. I was twenty-six and had already known some exciting success with my fresh brand—listening to her stupid, mean, abusive, jealous comments led me to making weaker designs that were not me and fucking up my business and wasting my time. The people you surround yourself with and how you choose to manage those relationships is everything. Letting her loan any thought was a mistake. I underestimated myself because I thought I was too young to possibly know what I was doing. WRONG.


Where do you feel most vulnerable?


I am always completely vulnerable. I am a very sensitive and caring person. I just don’t take much personally at all anymore. I know that negativity directed at me tends to be a reflection of people’s own insecurities, which I never realized that so many people had...


What are the sexiest words in the French language?


Tu me manques.


Who has the most enviable uniform?




What gets you hot and bothered?


When a man takes the words out of my mouth. That doesn’t happen often.


If you had to kill a man, how would you do it?


Let’s say I wanted to kill a man, because that is more likely than “having to.” I would stab him with the first knife I could find, because if I really ever got to that point, it would be that spontaneous.

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