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Mel Ottenberg


What is your ideal office? 


Current goal: A clutter free office with good feng shui and some personal space, room for my giant library, giant windows, a killer sound system, a lot of plants and a modular clothing rack system that can handle twenty racks of clothes seamlessly when they come in and out... Goals.


What is the importance of emotion in dressing? 


Freedom of expression is more important today than it ever was. We as a culture are mad and upset. Although I am devastated on so many levels about how the election went down, it will be interesting to see how people express the new state of America and the world through fashion.


What’s the biggest fashion risk you’ve put on one of your clients? 


Oh man, I’m not sure which was the biggest risk. But risk is good. It’s better to be risky than always go for something safe. It’s nice to be loved but it’s also really fun to be hated sometimes.


What is your proudest career moment? 


I have a few but I’m ready for the next one!


Where do you go to escape work?


I’m in Mexico on a work escape right now. Sun, books, tequila, boyfriend. In general I like to escape to my apartment, to Westworld, to true crime books, to the internet, and to the gym.


What do you eat for breakfast?


Glass of water, black coffee, scrambled eggs, arugula, avocado, olive oil and lemon.


What are your thoughts on the political nature of fashion?


Who knows. The future is now. Trump is the fucking president. Let’s see what happens to fashion and its political nature. 


How do you let loose?


I like jogging, I also like raging with friends once in a while, getting spa treatments, and living well.


Is it better to be minimal or materialistic?


To each his own. I don’t want to get weighed down by a ton of stuff, but I also have a twenty-foot-long couch. What makes American fashion unique? American fashion at its best is free from the class distinctions and fussy extras that can bog down a lot of fashion.

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