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Michael Nevin


What is your ideal office?


The one I have.


What is something you wish to change about the art world?


The insecurity and the walls.


How does a world evolve from print to a physical space?


It just happened.


Who has been your greatest mentor?


My dad.


What is the most memorable thing you’ve witnessed at an opening?


The time I was arrested.


What did you once get away with that you now cannot?


Not much has changed.


How has Instagram destroyed the party?


The discovery is gone.


What is the formula for success?


Don’t stop, ever.


Is it better to be friends or lovers?


It’s better to be both. Art is best when viewed... On a full stomach.


How has snowboarding carved the path for a life in art?


It’s about balance.


What is your Sunday ritual?


That’s up to the kids.


When have you felt most proud?


When building out the gallery.


What is your antidote to boredom?


Staying busy!

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