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Michel Gaubert


What is your ideal office?


Forty square meters, white, no contact to the outside world. A music lab of some sort.


What is the scariest sound you’ve ever heard?


The fake ceiling of my kitchen collapsing.


What’s the strangest recording you’ve sampled for a runway soundtrack?


An autopsy.


How did you start creating music for fashion shows?


When I worked at the Palace I was asked to do it and got caught in the game.


Are you a synesthesiac? How would you describe your sound in non-sonic terms?


I do not know if I am a synesthesiac, I am already many things. I would define my sound as mood enhancing perhaps?


What grosses you out?


People who talk about what they don’t know pretending they do.


What reaction do you hope to elicit from runway show audiences?


I want them to remember the experience.


When’s the last time you broke the law?


This morning.


What is your favorite double entendre?


You know how to whistle don’t you? You just put your lips together and blow.


What is the secret to survival?


Be who you are.


What makes noise provocative?


It can wake up the demons inside you.


How do social media and the internet distort your personality?


My personality was distorted before, social media is a continuation of that but I am aware of it so I guess it did not change me that much. It is just another communication tool that I enjoy.



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