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Nick Vogelson


What is your ideal office?



I’ve always dreamed of producing an issue of Document from a big farmhouse upstate. A sort of Document summer camp with the team.



Is there any one word you have always misspelled?



There are too many! Autocorrect somehow added frequently misspelled words to my phone’s dictionary and so I find myself constantly needing to correct the autocorrect. Apologies to all email recipients.



When you enter a library, which section do you visit first?



I always gravitate towards the special archives, rare books, photography, magazine archives...



What makes you laugh?



A really dark sense of humor, brevity, things unsaid.



Who is the last person that made you nervous?



I purposefully surround myself with people who are outside my comfort zone. I take nervousness as a good sign.



Warhol said, “A good plain look is my favorite look.” Do you agree?



A uniform is imperative.



What outfit would you want to be buried in?



Said uniform.



Does love hurt?



It’s fully capable.



If your career so far had a theme song, what would it be?



It would need to be a playlist: Hints & Implications by Samantha Urbani, Yoshi City by Yung Lean, Black Celebration by Depeche Mode, and That’s Us by Arthur Russell.



What is your go-to fast food order?



Chinese food. Delivered.



What was your first crush?



Mid-’70s Aspen magazine.



What is the most beautiful thing the body can do?



Own the dance floor.



Do you have a best friend?



I’m lucky to have a few.



What do you want to say with your work?



I want to communicate something undiscovered and true to the project. And show that you can have fun in the process.



What is one font that makes you cringe?



I would say Papyrus, but I feel like that will come back in style. So I would go with Impact.



If you could curate your dream cover, what would it entail?



It would feature all living first ladies, minus Melania, by Francesco Vezzoli.

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