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Paloma Elsesser


What is your ideal office?


A library—a low hum of voices, knowing you’re not alone, but still quiet.


Who is someone that you’ve never met, who nevertheless has inspired you?


Oprah. She has transcended all of the barriers set in front of her from relationship titles to acting. She does everything authentically, even in mainstream media.


What is your favorite part of the human body?




When’s the last time you celebrated?  


Every day.


What is the most beautiful sound imaginable?




What is your weapon of choice?


A rock.


What is a vivid memory of yours from growing up in LA?


There was a bank robbery next to my elementary school and all of us were on lockdown well into the afternoon. Charlton Heston’s grandson was in the grade above me. When Mr. Heston got wind of the news he marched onto campus with a rifle, ready to retrieve his grandson. “From my cold, dead hands!”


Where might we find you on a Sunday afternoon?


Enjoying the company of those that I love.


What are the three most desirable things within reach of you right now?


Frederikke Malle perfume, my boyfriend, success.


Will the truth really set you free?


Still figuring that out.


What’s next on your reading list?


Something light and non-committal, been reading some really heavy shit lately!


If God is a woman, what’s she like?


She has a deep voice, warm hands, and is probably black.


What makes your heart beat fast?


Letting someone down :(


Where is the most sacred place on earth?


My mother’s arms.

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