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Rejjie Snow


I remember recording my first songs on Audacity, using the microphone from a PlayStation hip-hop game and recording over some instrumentals. I miss those days. Much simpler, but more fun.
I like all these SoundCloud rappers, but as a whole we gotta be careful with these words ‘cause to me they are very discrediting, especially the term "mumble rap." The truth is, people just can't stand seeing young black men get money and being happy. But I have a lot of respect for the internet and these sites that let you take your art and put it on full display for the world.
I've very much become kinda superhuman as of late, pulling bits from all these places I've inhabited and molding me to be a stronger and wiser person. Which ain't such a bad thing.
I like how people have crafted this character that I'm living in, and frankly it's everything that I wanted—but being mindful to move with the times is very important too. The world changes so quick, as do the people who champion you. Everything is fragile and fickle when you're making art, there’s sort of a stopwatch where you honestly gotta calculate every move, because missing your moment is the worst. You can't come back from that.
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