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Tal R


What is your ideal office?


My ideal office is sleeping at night inside my dream.


What is your favorite word?


‘Minus.’ ‘Minus’ means everything which is not there, which

means everything you can imagine. I’m mostly interested in

things I can’t see or places I haven’t been. ‘Minus’ covers that.


Is there anywhere you want to go?


Not physically. The place I wanted to go the most is a city

called Trieste, in Italy. It’s a place near the sea. I think it

would take me two hours to get there, but I will never go,

because of the word ‘minus.’ I just want to imagine, I don’t

want to go there.


Where would an acid trip take you?


I would like to be a birdman. I would simply like to fly, and

then I would contradict the saying ‘even birds can’t escape.’

I would just go up in the clouds, into valleys and over

mountains. Normal stuff. I just simply want to be a birdman.


What’s your other half?


I only have the other half. Everything about me is about the

other half. The first doesn’t exist in my life, the first half ran

away from me seven years ago. It simply left me behind. So

I only have the other half to relate to. Lawrence Weiner, the

artist, once said that he didn’t give up on painting, painting

gave up on him. In the same way, the first half just gave up on

me and I’m stuck with the second.


What is an idea of yours that failed?


I failed to kill somebody. Several times, especially when I

was younger, the idea of killing somebody passed through

my brain, and luckily enough I never fulfilled this idea. It’s

the only thing I cross my fingers about, that I will not kill

somebody. I pray to God that I will never kill someone

because that would be a terrible thing to do.


Do you believe in prayer?


I’m not sure I believe in God but I talk to him every day.


What will your final meal on Earth be?


My own nails.


What was a defining moment in your life?


I left high school in September and I took a long walk. I was

eighteen years old. I remember it was snowing and I decided

I wanted to leave school, which was quite drastic, and I

wanted to start studying art. But the strange thing is that

there is no snow in Denmark in September. But I remember

there was snow. That was a very special day. I think it was

the 7th of September. I have no idea what would have

happened if I didn’t go through this nonexistent snowstorm.

Maybe something better, maybe something worse. That’s the

amazing thing about being alive, there’s always a train you

catch and a train you don’t catch. Only when you dream at

night do both trains exist. The one you caught and the one

you didn’t catch.


What was your last dream?


I remember a very short dream I had last night. I was walking

through an L-shaped corridor, a very narrow corridor. At the

end of this corridor, I meet this old friend of mine. I never

think about him because we don’t know each other anymore.

It’s kind of amazing that he popped up in a dream because I

never think about him. He just said to me, “This is not my

phone number.”


Will you call him?


Never. I’m insulted by my dream. I have no clue why I dreamt that.

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