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Jacquemus Spring 19 Menswear

This collection was infused with a tranquil sentimentality that could only spring from the imaginative landscape of an individual who feels the ease of being home. 


The palette beautifully captured the range of shades found in the surrounding landscape, from the brilliant blue hues of the ocean to bold yellows radiant enough to put the sun out of business. Motifs of sunflowers and wheat also graced the catwalk, a tongue-in-cheek homage to southern aesthetic cliches. Accessories, such as sun hats with unfinished rims and oversized beach bags, were equally suited for the environment. 


Jacquemus expressed that his primary concern was the overall wearability of the line; if one did not want to rock these pieces on the street, what's the reasoning behind making them in the first place? In accordance with this outlook, the designer produced a line that effortlessly combined the serenity of the beach with the comfortability of home. 


Watch the "Le Gadjo" video below.


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