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Jawara Wauchope: Inspector Gadget

office had the opportunity to catch up with Jawara and ask him a couple questions about Power (both the show and the concept), among other things.


What do you think is the correlation between hair and identity? Hair and power?

Hair and identity go hand in hand for sure. I believe that hair is one if the most important parts of expression. How you style it or not style it shows a lot about how you feel about yourself.

If your life was a cartoon show, what outfit would you wear everyday? How does that look encapsulate your character?

I would have to say, if my life was a cartoon it would have to be Inspector Gadget. I wear the same thing everyday, but there always different variations of it, and a lot of tricks up my sleeve.


If you could kill off any character from a current television show, who would it be?

Tommy on the show Power. He’s annoying to me.

You’re an artist and each hairstyle is a work of art. Name three major influences that have significantly shaped your craft and how you approach your work.


The import things that have influenced the way I work are: Master hairstylist Vanetta Bailey, the movie Dancehall Queen, and the ‘70s, ‘80s and early ‘90s, for sure.


What’s one thing you absolutely refuse to share?

I refuse to share any business I hear that’s not my own.

What’s the one hairstyle that will never go out of style?


One of the hairstyles that will never go out of style is the basic chignon or straight back cornrows—they’re both classics in my world.

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