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Joy Kiln

The walls are bedecked with paintings in the same style: arms, legs, noses and eyeballs are elongated, bent, and wiggly. It's as if this entire fictional cosmos were wrapped up in a game of Twister, where the circles of color have exploded in every direction and the delightful dream characters perform a manic dance as they wait for the spinner to land on the next move. Meanwhile, we, the spectators, are held in rapt suspense to see what is imminent: total collapse, radiant naïve enlightenment, or, perhaps, both simultaneously.

'The Time Stops Every Time You Sit On My Face'
'Look At The Future, You See? It's Always Gonna Be Us'
'Time Is Always Right, Can't Fight It'
'Falling Deeper And Deeper In Those Heartshaped Eyes of Yours'
'Good Nights Will Never End'
'Pink Night Cat Gazing At Stars - They're Mighty Fine Tonight!'
'Tiger Dog On The Run, He's Got A Whiff Of Something Better'
'King Dog Feeding The Snakes'
'Sunday Boy Deep In The Cup, Can't Take Another Week Like This'
'Clock Father To Pink Dog - I'll Play A Tune, Could You Sing About Better Times? They Say Life's Short But Don't Believe Them'
'Just One More Banana Then I'm Good'
'Never Felt Empty, Never Felt Sad'
Install view.

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