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Keeping Time with Emily Oberg

Contrasting her almost too cool public persona, Oberg lets her audience know how she efficiently spends her 24 hours—with the help of her G-SHOCK watch of course. The company just rolled out a new collection at the end of August that celebrates the modern active woman. 


Oberg’s video is just one episode in a series featuring working women who embody toughness and timeliness, keeping in line with the brand’s mission to create “a watch that never breaks.”

Set against the faint ticking of a clock, the video features Oberg hiking, shopping, working and relaxing, while reminding viewers to make every second count. office caught up with Oberg to talk about her latest campaign for G-SHOCK. Check out the interview below.



How did you first get involved with G-SHOCK? 


They reached out to me to be part of the campaign. I’ve always worn G-SHOCK, so of course I was interested.


Tell us a little about your role in G-SHOCK’s “24 Hours of Toughness” campaign. 


G-SHOCK followed a regular day in the life for me, and because I do so many different things, the main purpose was to show how I use my time. People like myself are constantly on-the-go and doing everything from working out to sourcing inspiration to designing.


What is a typical night for you?  


I usually have dinner around 6:30 or 7:00. Then I’ll work from to 8:00 to 11:00 or 12:00. I like to work at night, because during the day, I like to play, be out in the sun, workout, hike, play tennis, or go for lunch. So, nighttime is better to do work when everything else shuts down, and I can just focus.


Any advice for other women who are currently pursuing their passion in competitive industries? 


Just find the one thing you love, and become great at it. Don’t worry about doing too many things and working too much or too hard. You need to put yourself above your work and make sure you’re good first. I find that people work way too much and are so stressed out all the time—it’s just the worst thing for your body. Work smarter, not harder. Be efficient with your time and energy.


How do you find the willpower to keep going during long or difficult work days?


I take a lot of breaks in between working, because it’s better for your body and brain. I make sure I eat well, because if I have something with more sugar or gluten, I know it will slow me down and make me tired during the day. I stay hydrated and drink 3 to 4 liters of water throughout the day.


What defines success for you? 


Being happy with whatever it is I’m doing. 


Have you ever faced failure, and if so, how did you overcome it? 


I don’t look at anything as failure; I just see it as a lesson learned.


Where do you see yourself in five to ten years? 


I want to open a wellness center in LA, focusing on bio-hacking, holistic health, nutrition and fitness. I also want to expand my brand into a bigger collection with ready-to-wear and maybe even open a retail store.


Is it hard to find a balance between your work life and your personal life? 


Sometimes yes. When work is super busy, I find that it negatively affects my personal life. I always want to put my personal life over work, but it’s hard sometimes. When that happens, I just take a step back, prioritize, make sure I’m not doing things I don’t need to be doing and stay focused, so I can have time for my personal life at the end of the day.


Who is your biggest inspiration in terms of your career? 


Sofia Coppola is one of the coolest women. She has an amazing career as a director, but she’s also done things in fashion with Louis Vuitton. She’s a style icon as well. She’s super low key and seems to just be about her work and family. It seems like she’s built a perfect life.


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