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Behind the Scenes at Kenzo

Drawing on the woolly vibes of travelers and sherpas from the Andes Mountains, the collection incorporated layers of ethnic textiles in the form of fluffy hats, shawls and scarves in modern neon colors. The women’s looks featured a feminine twist on hiking gear—think: colored fleece tailored to accentuate the female form. As for the men’s collection, the designers decided to showcase the more militaristic origins of the early explorers, showing all-weather outerwear pieces finished with harnesses, detachable pocket gloves and mesh.


It was a colorful exploration of the ways culture and heritage, past and present, can influence fashion and a designer's vision. At Kenzo, both Lim mand Leon often use their own histories to create highly personal collections; but in our current environment, where the personal is more political than ever, those personal histories become something we can all relate to.


View some highlights from backstage at the presentation, below.

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