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Kim Shui S/S '20

These are just some of the eclectic references in Shui’s namesake design house; besides her trademark cargo pants, snake print, and corset. Cobalt glaze slithers on white porcelain screened onto a silk qipao, adorned with white lace-trimmed hosiery—in the background is a remix of Nicki Minaj. By the time, the model passes you, revealing an entirely bare backside, except for the cross lacing corset motif, an impression has been burnished into your mind. This is a woman who designs for women.


As the music pulsates through the show, and the silks alternate between sensual, and demure, you start to understand why it is you are here. The Kim Shui girl is not faint of heart, nor is she interested in dressing for the desires of the other. With a diverse cast of different body types, skin tones, and heights, Shui designs for women who enjoy dressing themselves, and take pride in being a woman.


Backstage after the show, the interviews never ceased; and everybody wants to hug their favorite it girl. Ever since Kylie Jenner broke the internet by matching with baby Stormi in KS F/W '19, Shui’s meteoric rise has been marked in stone. From winning the VFiles Runway to making Forbes’ 30 under 30 two years in a row, the CFDA partner unveiled a special collaboration with Fitbit on the S/S '20 catwalk.


And if that’s not enough, sprint over to the corner of Spring, and Wooster, right now. Kim’s head is projected onto the side of the Doc Martens store, staring into the souls of all passerby. It’s part of a promo campaign for E! Front Five docu-series on NYFW. We are now living in the era of Kim Shui. Check out more backstage photos from the show below.

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