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A kitsch explosion at ‘Toiletpaper Paradise’

The installation, called “Toiletpaper Paradise,” is now on view at Cadillac House, in that amorphous neighborhood where TriBeCa meets the West Village. It’s essentially a rendering of an entirely Toilet Paper-covered apartment, with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom all completely covered in Cattelan and Ferrari’s psychedelic photos. The press materials appropriately describe it as “Mad Men on acid.” It’s an explosion of kitsch.



Visionaire’s Cecilia Dean and James Kaliardos decided to bring Toilet Paper to New York after seeing Cattelan and Ferrari’s “Maze of Quotes” installation at Art Basel Miami, just this past December. “They had never done an installation in New York before, and we decided right then and there that we were gonna make it happen,” she said. “So two months later, here it is. We worked very fast.”


It’s important to Dean that attendees realize that “Toiletpaper Paradise” really is entirely interactive. Cattelan and Ferrari are even encouraging guests to jump on the bed. I lay down on it. It’s very comfy.


“I like the fact that you’re interacting with a major blue chip artist’s work,” said Dean. “And the fact that you can touch it and roll around in it and live with it yourself is such a gift.” She also aptly pointed out that the space is perfect for selfies. It seems likely that it will be an Instagram sensation.


It's also important to note that nearly everything on display in "Paradise" is for sale. “[Cattelan and Ferrari] just blur that line between art and installation and product and selling,” said Dean. “It’s all mixed up, which I think is really great. I’m so over categories, and I’m just so happy to do stuff that just sort of breaks down weird boundaries.”


Toiletpaper Paradise is open at Cadillac House, 330 Hudson Street, until April 12th.


Text by Jocelyn Silver


Photos by Plamen Petkov

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