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Kodie Shane is "Super"



So you are living in Atlanta, is that where you were born and raised?


Born in Atlanta, raised in Chicago. I spend most of my time in Atlanta now, everything is sort of based out of there. But I love Chicago, and I go back there as much as I can. My mom is from IL.


She’s pretty musical, obviously, and there are actually a lot of musicians in your family. It must be kind of difficult not to be in the music industry, for you, even if you wanted to.


(laughs) Yeah, when you’re raised in the studio, it’s pretty much in you, and it’s hard not to share it.


Do you ever feel intimidated by the amount of musicians in your family?


No, maybe sometimes I feel pressure, but I try not to feel pressure of that.


How do you avoid feeling pressure in your career?


I try not to read comments. But I read interviews… Well, honestly I do look at comments sometimes, but only when I choose to.


Have you ever responded to a troll?


Back in the day, yeah, when I first started getting followers. But I now have a lot of trolls, I don’t really respond anymore.


There seems to be a lot of that, too, coming at you as the only female in a group of males.


People think I’m having sex with all of them.


So what is your response to that?


Stupid. It’s so stupid. It’s like having more than one big brother around.


You guys must have fun, together, on tour— how much time do you spend on the bus? Does it get pretty crazy?


...It’s fun, but it can be a lot sometimes. All the people, all the personalities, all those opinions.


What do you do for entertainment?


We have all the gaming systems, Mario Kart gets wild— but I am terrible at it. Sometimes we just will play music and sing along.


Most popular road trip snack on the tour bus?


Probably Gushers.



When did you get your first tattoo?


On the first tour, Perry took me actually, to get the lightning bolt. After that, I just went crazy.


It seems like the first one you think about a lot, and after that you just kind of get the fuck-its.


Yeah, Perry has it, Yachty has it, pretty much everyone has it… I had to get initiated. I still gotta get my anchor, I just don’t know where to put it… I don’t really see the point in getting them anywhere I can’t see, and I am not going to be wearing any crop tops and shit... Once I fill my arms up, I guess I am done... But I definitely have some plans, “Take no shit, do no harm”. And “sick girl” in cursive. 


Any face tattoos you would get?


I actually would get one on my hairline, super small. Shooting stars, would look so fire. My mom said no to that, though. But I started drawing a little ‘xo’ on my cheek, and she thought it was so cute that now she gives me face tattoo ideas.


Is it difficult working with your mom? Or helpful?


We have a fine balance, because I can tell her anything, it’s a good relationship becauese its all about honesty when you mix business with personal.


Where did your name come from? Is it your given name or a stage name?


It’s my government name— well, my full name is longer, but it’s what my sister called me growing up. I had a rap name when I started, but this is what I ended up using.


It’s pretty cool because it is pretty gender-neutral, which means you don’t have to always be defined as the woman in the male group.


People also have this rapper name, and then they create this whole different person based around that idea. This is me, Kodie, and I can be Kodie today. I want my artist personality to be already in me, I don’t want to be like, that’s Kodie, and this is really me.


Do you think that wanting to be more authentic with your musical personality has something to do with growing up around music— that you came to the industry because it was in your blood, versus something you saw on a billboard or on the charts?


That’s the the difference, I am making music for myself not for the fame.


Do you think you will stay focused within the genre?


I definitely want to grow. The most beautiful thing for me is progression, getting better. So I don’t know, the music that I have right now is already different than the music that will probably be on my album. I can’t really explain it, except just to say that it’s bigger music. Just “bigger”, worldly, it can appeal to everyone. 



Do you want to do things outside of music?


I want to model, I know I am short, but I think that would be great… But, I just want to accomplish one thing at a time, not stretch myself too thin, you know. 


What is your favorite item of clothing?


I did this Vogue shoot, and they gave me these green pants. And I wore them for two weeks straight, every day, just changed shirts and shoes.


That’s brilliant, because you aren’t repeating, you can just say it’s unique and that you are doing something new and creative intentionally. I might start doing that just as an excuse for not doing laundry, though. What city are you most excited to go to on the tour?


New York. The last time I played New York, I sold it out, I was in Brooklyn and it was a live show for my own tour. I didn’t expect people to actually like me like that, but it was lit. Wait— aaaaaaaah Matt Ox just followed me on Twitter.


Glad I witnessed that. Somehow feels like how we should end on this very high note.



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