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The multifaceted Public Benefit Corporation based in Brooklyn has played host to front-runners in fashion photography such as Jamie Hawkesworth and Willy Vanderperre, the proceeds of which connect back to the community through their school programming and creative workshops offered to youth in the Red Hook area. Founded by Jimmy Moffat (Co-founder of Art+Commerce and Co-chair of SVA MPS Fashion Photography Program), the gallery space clearly has opportunities to furnish its walls with some of the finest in fashion photography, which their newest show takes to a new level. Utilising the connections and curatorial expertise of a jury comprised of established industry creatives they have carefully selected 25 international photographers, who they have determined to be deserving of presenting in a context many artists, if unrepresented, will not be able to attain. Hailing from a plethora of locations from U.K. to Japan the work from some of these young artists may restore faith in a fresh aesthetic for the medium.

Aleksey Kondratyev
Alexandra Von Fuerst
Balarama Heller
Can Dagarslani
Cecile Baudier
Isabel Magowan
Justin French
Harris Mizrahi
Jon Henry
Joyce Ng
Kenta Nakamura
Lucie Khahoutian
Matt Abbott
Nikki Kreciki
Qian Zhao
Rosa Polin
Theo de Guetlzl

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