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Last Chance to Let Go

A madcap lineup of events include DJs on the weekends from 2-6pm, the activation of Cave’s legendary Soundsuits as a ceremonial, participatory dance spectacle, weeknights at 8pm (tickets are $35), and for the tame-at-heart: an installation that does include, fair warning, potential games of Twister with other visitors. It’s a jittery, glittery mash-up of sensational proportions with one single goal: to allow you to leave your baggage at the door and be swept away in a dream, to “let go” of the life you led before you met the characters of this fabulous story, and to return anew, a changeling of Nick Cave’s creation. One question remains: are you ready for the transformation?

Nick Cave

Hurry! The Let Go only goes until July 7th at the Park Avenue Armory, New York City.

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