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The Latest from Linnéa Gad


Here at office, we love an artist who can get dirty. And in a four hour site-specific performance piece, Linnéa Gad did just that. As a precursor to her solo show Mound Remover, Gad collected material from the surrounding neighborhoods: plants, dirt and miniature pewter sculptures and used her hands to incorporate the materials into the gallery. She filled the cracks of the floor with dirt and stuck sculpture in holes in the wood. The result is two-fold: we actively participate in the creation of a nuanced still life aesthetic and simultaneously are forced to familiarize our senses with the way work and material takes up space (a major theme in her upcoming show). 





Her forms first take shape in clay, a material so close to the earth, and then are reformed into porcelain, a material we know as man-made or even domestic. The result is a harrowing transformation: the removal of landscape and its reshaping into digestible forms. Possibly a commentary on the commodification and material depletion of “exotic” islands, Mound Remover has peeked our curiosity.



    Having grown up partly in the Archipelgo Island landscape, Gad’s Mound Remover manages to capture the materiality of the earth that she has come to love through sculpture. She describes the process of inspiration in her own words:


    "It is with an anxious joy I look down at a landscape. In the obscurity of distance I meet the itching edge of my capacity to think and feel."



    See Mound Remover at New Release Gallery, on view May 11th until June 10th.


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