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Let's Stop Running

After deciding that school wasn’t for her, Sina Lesnik started her photography journey shooting events at a small club in Berlin. When the club owner approached her, he had a pretty good pitch. “You come here anyway,” he said, “might as well get paid for it.” What she soon realized was that she wasn’t taking event photographs, but editorial photos which later propelled her to get published in selects magazines like i-D Germany and Indie Mag. Despite her rising popularity, Lesnik was still not fulfilled. Stepping back from the wheel, she gained a refreshingly uninterested attitude about the whole popularity-publishing culture that most photographers associate with their work’s success. “At that time, I just needed to be by myself to reflect on where I wanted to go. I haven’t published anything, or done any shows because I just wanted to do something for myself. I didn’t want to give my work to anyone else, because when it’s published somewhere, they don’t properly pay you, and then what? I was wasting my work.”


Now finding her stride in her very first solo show, Lesnik focuses on movement and the body as a shape, creating ethereal creatives from her subjects. In addition to the photography work, the show also premieres Lesnik’s first short film of the same name. Scored by YAffra, the film investigates the “in-between” small moments that one might miss taking still images. Overall, Let’s Stop Running is the culmination of Lesnik’s journey to this work and a testament to what happens when we stop doubting our artistic process and let it unfold naturally. In Lesnik’s words, “We all have something that holds us back, that small doubt about you or your work. It’s about facing my fears, looking at what I want from life, and then putting that into my work.” While it might not have been easy to get here, we're glad that she did, and that she has this to “show” for it. Pun intended!


Let’s Stop Running: A Visual Tale of Self Exploration is open until January 24th at Pair O'Dice Los Angeles.

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